Meet Craig Filer, a UEFA B, FA Youth Module Level 2 coach with over ️20 years experience. Craig develops training programs according to requirements of the individual/individuals. Most of his sessions are built around 1st Touch Passing & Shooting Dribbling & Ball Control Strength, Speed & Agility, Coordination and Balance. Craig has been a head coach of Point Cook Soccer club where his team progressed from 5th position in 2015 to winning the league in 2017. It was his experience and knowledge about the game along with a structured coaching program and high performance of young players that helped the club to get promoted to the upper league only for the 2nd time in the club’s history. He has also worked as a head coach for Altona City SC, Junior Academy Manager for Newport Country Football Club and as a development Centre Manager/Club Scout for Bristol Rover Football(Professional Football Club). Craig also runs his own football academy. Book Craig now at

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