1. Are your coaches insured?
    Yes, they are covered by public liability insurance.
  2. How frequently should I book private sessions
    Book as frequently as you like, more time on the ball leads to more success on the field. Discuss your current training program with your coaches to make sure you don’t overtrain or get burnt out.
  3. How many private training sessions should I book?
    It is best to book in blocks that correlate to the school term. This allows the coach to plan sessions to provide the best development for your child. It also means that you can lock that coach in before anyone else. However you can book one session to try out the coach if you wish.
  4. What age’s do you cater for?
    We cater for all ages but be sure to check the coaches profile before choosing a coach to ensure you get the right coach for your child’s specific needs.
  5. How long should it take to improve?
    Development is hard to measure and as such you may not see an instant change. However as with all sports, the more you practice, the better your chances are of improving. Coaches will also set goals with players and look to focus on those areas of improvement, providing feedback at the end of each session.
  6. Can I book a trial private training session?
    It’s easy to book a once off session, just follow the prompts when selecting a coach to lock away a one off session session, if you are happy, then we suggest booking in term blocks after that.
  7. How soon in advance should I book with Treiner
    The earlier you book the better so you can secure the coach that suits your needs.
  8. What is Treiner’s cancellation policy?
    Treiner requires at least 48 hours notice for a cancellation to be fully refunded. 24 hours notice results in a 50% refund and anything less is a forfeit of your payment.
  9. What is I don’t click with the Treiner?
    We have heaps of coaches at Treiner, so if you don’t like the one you asked for initially, don’t worry, all our sessions are transferable
  10. Can I meet the Treiner prior to session?
    If you wish to meet a Treiner prior to a session that's fine, you can message the Treiner via their contact details available on the coaches page.
  11. Can I split the cost amongst other players?
    Treiner provides you the option to commit to small group sessions so you are able to work in small groups to save the cost to you and your team mates.
  12. What if I had children of different ages?
    This all depends on the Treiner. If the Treiner is happy to accommodate and can provide a quality service then you shouldn’t have an issue.
  13. What if I have players of different abilities in the same session?
    This all depends on the Treiner. If the Treiner is happy to accommodate and can provide a quality service then you shouldn’t have an issue.
  14. How will these sessions affect my club training?
    Treiner’s work around your schedule, so if you have club training, any conflicts are easily avoided. This is an add value program, so it can only benefit your time at your club.
  15. Do you train players with special needs
    Yes we do, please check the Treiner's profile before proceeding with a booking to confirm this, as some have more experience than others with players with special needs.
  16. Are your Treiner’s qualified and certified?
    All our Treiners are qualified and certified, their exact information can be found on their profile.
  17. How old are the Treiner’s?
    All of the Treiners are over 18 and their personal information can be found on their profile.
  18. How experienced are the Treiner’s
    All of the Treiners relevant coaching experience can be found on their profile.
  19. How does Treiner work for me as a player/parent?
    Treiners design a personal development plan for you to improve in-line with your requests for improvement. As a parent, you can request feedback for the player to assist with the player’s ongoing development outside of Treiner sessions.
  20. Can I contact the Treiner before the session?
    Yes you can, the Treiner’s contact information can be found on their profile.
  21. Can I refer my friends to Treiner?
    Yes you can.
  22. How much does it cost to book a session with Treiner?
    This depends on the Treiner and their qualifications. This information can be found on their profile.
  23. What is Treiner’s payment process for sessions?
    It’s simple, just find your Treiner, follow the booking prompts, pay online and then turn up at your session. You will also receive messages and emails as reminders.
  24. How do I book group sessions for multiple players?
    It’s simple, once you find your Treiner, choose the “Small Group” session when booking the session and then follow the prompts.
  25. How do I redeem my discount or gift certificate code?
    When checking out, just type the code in the relevant coupon box to receive your discount.
  26. Can I purchase a gift certificate to be used for someone else?
    Yes you can, this can be found at the shopping cart. Follow the prompts and gift away!
  27. Can I book sessions for someone else as a gift?
    Yes you can, this can be found at the shopping cart. Follow the prompts and gift away!
  28. My booking request was not accepted, why am I seeing a charge?
    Please contact Treiner in this instance and we look to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  29. I have messaged the Treiner and they have not responded yet, what do I do?
    Please bear with us as we endeavour to get back to you with 24 hours.
  30. How do I contact Treiner?
    Please go to the “Contact Us” section to get in touch with us.
  31. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
    Follow the prompts on the login screen that help you recover your lost password.
  32. Does Treiner have a mobile app?
    It is currently in developed and will be released in 2018
  33. Can I give feedback about the Treiner website?
    Yes, we want your feedback. Simply go to the review section to tell us what we can do better.
  34. I need a refund for unused sessions, how does this work?
    Please email us to sort this out.
  35. How does Treiner ensure the quality of its professionals?
    All professionals are background checked and have minimum accreditations as Treiners.
  36. Can I feel comfortable paying through Treiner?
    Yes, we operate through a secured payment system.
  37. How securely can I communicate with a Treiner before booking?
    You can communicate with Treiner or via email the messaging platform.
  38. Does the Treiner see my phone number and email address?
    Treiners can only see your details if you contact them directly or if you book a session with them.
  39. Are your treiners screened and background checked?
    Yes, all Treiners must have Working With Children Checks which you can request at your session.



  1. How does Treiner work?
    It’s simple, players choose to book a session with you online, you are then notified via SMS of the details of the session, which you will need to accept or decline. Upon completing a session, you can then invoice us to collect payment.
  2. Why should I use Treiner?
    Treiner sources players from far and wide to you and your expertise. It also neatly organizes your work week to help time manage your already crazy schedule and takes away the administration and keeping track of payments and invoicing players.
  3. I have my own coaching business/academy/school can I still use Treiner?
    Yes, all it allows you to do is increase the outreach of your program, and make maximum use of your time available. If you have at least 1 hour free on a weekly basis, you can use Treiner.
  4. Treiner Guidelines & Expectations
    All Treiners must have:
    – A Valid Working With Children Check
    – A Valid FFA/AFC or UEFA Coaching accreditation
    – Minimum 12-months experience as a football coach at any level
  5. Are there any fees to be a coach/professional with Treiner?
    Treiner takes 10% from all invoices as an administration, marketing and payment processing fee.
  6. Can players contact me before booking sessions?
    To reap the benefits of Treiner and the promotions we do, it is important for you to direct players to the Treiner website to book sessions. This avoid any scheduling issues that may crop up if you were to do organize otherwise.
  7. Do I have to provide a location of facility for my coaching sessions?
    Yes, but if you don’t have one, let us know and we can help assist you in finding a facility for training.
  8. Why is it important to make sure sessions are booked through Treiner?
    This avoids any scheduling conflict and allows you to come under our public liability insurance which protects you if any issues arise.
  9. Can I accept cash or cheque payments from a player?
    No, all payments must be made through the Treiner website.
  10. How do I become a Treiner?
    Simply apply online and we will contact you if you are successful OR we will lead you in the right direction to become a Treiner.
  11. Is Treiner only for Coaches in Melbourne or Victoria?
    No, Treiner can be used anywhere in Australia.
  12. Can I coach more than category?
    Yes, you can coach any of the categories provided in the booking process.
  13. How do I grow my business through Treiner
    Treiner uses a review system and as such, getting players to give you positive reviews is integral. Think of it as Uber for coaches. Also keep us up to date on any promotions you wish to run so we can advertise for you.
  14. A player sent me a message, how do I reply?
    If a player messages you to request a session, direct them to the website to complete their booking.
  15. I received a booking request, what do I do now?
    Contact the player to see if they have any specific requests to ensure you work on something that gets you a 5-star rating. Other than that, just turn up and do what you do best, coach!
  16. Why is it important to schedule sessions with Treiner’s Bookme Scheduling tool?
    This avoids any scheduling conflict and allows you to come under our public liability insurance which protects you if any issues arise.
  17. I completed a session with the player/s, what happens now?
    Make sure they review your session and follow up with any additional session they request.
  18. What if I’m unavailable to coach for a certain period of time?
    Update your availability schedule and let us know and we will take care of any scheduling issues. It might be worthwhile letting your regular clients know so they can seek out other Treiners in your absence.
  19. What is Treiner’s cancellation policy
    If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to the session commencing, you must try to reschedule with the player and notify us of the new training time. If you cannot reschedule you must pay a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel more than 48 hours prior to a session, you must try to reschedule with the player and notify us of the new training time. If you cannot reschedule, notify us to cancel the booking.
  20. Can I refer my existing players or other coaches to Treiner
    Yes, simply get them to follow the prompts on the website.
  21. Can I train multiple players during my Treiner session?
    Yes, if you provide small group sessions, this information will be provided on your profile and will be an option for players to select when booking.
  22. How do I set my session rates & duration?
    This information is provided when you complete your registration with us. This information will also be visible on your profile.
  23. How do I get paid for my Treiner session?
    Simple, just invoice us with a current ABN. If you have any issues with this, contact us.
  24. How do I setup direct debit
    Please contact us to set this up.
  25. Do I need to report my Treiner earnings on my tax return?
    Yes, as a Treiner you a sole contractor. As such, you must claim all earnings on your tax return. Contact a tax professional for specific details.